SKE48 2nd Album first week sold 99k copies


SKE48 2nd Album "Kakumei no Oka" has been released on 22 February 2017, it sold 99,646 copies at first week, and ranked 2nd place on ORICON Album Weekly Chart.


Original sources: ORICON News

Limited edition (Type-A)

Regular edition (Type-A)

Limited edition (Type-B)

Regular edition (Type-B)

Limited edition (Type-C)

Regular Edition (Type-C)

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Good album. Decent Sales. I just hope the "revolution" part means this marks the end of an era for the old guard and they start pushing young gens to the front and center. SKE used to be great but they need a fresh new direction now. Sorry but Jurina and Dasu are so fake and annoying, they are holding back SKE.

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holding back? tell that to their handshake sales and SSK rank
but i agree with pushing other member (young gen or unknown old gen like risako etc)
and seriously, when can they get new tv variety show?

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HS and SSK doesn't grow the group popularity tho. that only shows who fans spend the most money on, it has nothing to do with making NEW fans. the group is stagnating so bad but they keep mega pushing those 2 expecting different results. even SKE audition turnout is terrible because everyone knows its a idol graveyard. sad.

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