Hirate Yurina being Sakamichi AKB CENTER

AKB48 47th single "Shoot Sign" Type E coupling song "Dare no koto o ichiban aishi teru?" music video has been revealed on 28 February 2017. The song is performed by special unit "Sakamichi AKB" (Sakamichi series + AKB48 group), and the CENTER of the unit is Keyakizaka46 member Hirate Yurina.

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Sakamichi AKB selection members:

AKB48: Mukaichi Mion, Okada Nana, Kojima Mako
Team 8: Oguri Yui
SKE48: Matsui Jurina
HKT48: Miyawaki Sakura
Nogizaka46: Saito Asuka, Hori Miona, Ito Marika, Hoshino Minami, Kitano Hinako, Terada Ranze
Keyakizaka46: Hirate Yurina, Sugai Yuuka, Imaizumi Yui, Watanabe Risa, Watanabe Rika
Hiragana Keyakizaka46: Nagahama Neru












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looks fitting. i guess it's the facial expressions like it looks cool but then it just goes straight to 'imma kill you', which is also great v-218

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AKBG piggybacking on 46's hype...

Salty tears.

Love it. She is perfect for this, plus Sakura and Miona are looking lit.

I am also enjoying the salt this girl is creating.
There hasn't been such a buzz in the fandom since forever.

Techi slaying the cool concepts like always

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Minami unbeatable cute
She is born to be everyone no imouto

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So paul,what is your criteria of comment approval? You're trying to keep things civil but lots of comment thats just straight up inciting arguments are getting through.


I knew this was going to happen, eventually Hirate in a song/video with her AKB "rivals", LOL... And this is definitively a good thing!


Yurina center, camera still focused on Sakura

Im trying to find berika.. can somebody tell me??
usually i can find her easily wherever she is
But not with jurina in the same frame

Im sorry for not hating this
This is my dream team.

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how is that possible?At such a young age becoming a center, that's waaay too much.Anyway,love the 5th and 11th pic,she could be a member of a heavy metal group.

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from the 5th pic, i think berika is at the far back on the right.

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I so love techiiiiii

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WWatanabe is left and right in the back row, framing Mako and YuiYui with Sugai-sama being the center of back row. I must say, I love this line up like crazy. The only thing I don't get might be Marikas position, but oh well.
Techi works quite well with Sakura (death gazes ftw! <3) and people did a good job putting Sakura left and Miona right for everyone claiming, they look alike far too much xD

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Hirate slayin'! You show them, girl!

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So, I guess I'd be ordering Type E...

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