Sashihara Rino to be Manager of STU48


It was announced in radio show "AKB48 no All Night Nippon on 22 February 2017, HKT48 theatre manager/member Sashihara Rino will be new sister group STU48's theatre manager and concurrent member.

According to Sashihara Rino's phone-in message, the management appointed her as STU48 theatre manager, and she accepts the post in condition she has to be one of STU48 member.

STU48, short for Setouchi48, is an AKB48's 5th sister group in Japan, their activities will be based around the 7 prefectures of Setouchi area (Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Okayama, Hyogo, Ehime, Kagawa, and Tokushima). The group will have their own theater, located in a cruise.

Reference: ORICON News




She is the greatest idol of all time and HKT48 is a waste of her talents.

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Boriiiinggg I hate her, ugly and money and fame obsessed


WOW! SASSHI IS AMAZING! Certainly the STU48 will be another success and Nachan will learn a lot with Sasshi in the group.

Sashi asked for management job bc they originally just wanted kennin help draw some attention but Sashi said she wants to understand the members more so she asked for theater manager. she'll have a another manager to help split the works bc she's already HKT theater manager and busy with HKT and AKB. I think she'll start transition into management role than performing bc she expressed she want to produce idols and she's starting with the VA idol groups already

STU are going to rue the 48 world.

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She is driven and ambitious and directs it towards advancment of Idoldom which she cares deeply about. That is a good thing. Why hate her, she is doing awesome and doing it her way.

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she's most business-driven member.She produced an idol event before,why hate her?My thoughts that if she graduates,she'll make Aki-P a run for his money.She's going build an idol empire.

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According to ANN, actually she was originally only asked to take the theater manager kennin position. But then she asked for the kennin member position too, because she said working and performing with Nana and the new group will help understanding the group better rather than just giving advises.

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Yes, it is Sasshi's counter offer, it seems my wording is a bit misleading.

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