Nogizaka46 starring in Asahinagu stage/movie


Japanese manga "Asahinagu" will be adapated into Stage and Movie this summer, and Nogizaka46 members will be leading actress "Toujima Asahi" of the movie (Nishino Nanase) and Stage (Saito Asuka). It was announced in Nogizaka46 5th Birthday Live (Day 2).


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The manga is written by Kozaki Ai who won the 60th Shogakukan Manga Award by Asahinagu, the story is about a high school student Toujima Asahi hopes that she can create a new image of coolness in her new high school life, and she decides to join Naginata (Japanese halberd) department, Toujima Asahi understands that Naginata is what she needs in order to become a new person, as the sport allows even those who are not the most athletic to shine on a national level.


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This is probably the reason why a lot of Nogi members are missing hs dates for the 17th single. Can't wait, especially for the movie!

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