Sakai Mei announces Graduation


SKE48 Team E member Sakai Mei announced her graduation in SKE48 Theater on 16 February 2017, she will stay in the group until the end of March 2017, and she told the fans she will stay in show biz industry after graduation.




4th SKE48 members announced graduation! and 1 was fired
It is just Mid February, it has had 5 girls leaving SKE48, 10 girls leaving AKB48 group. What's going on?!

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And the snowball goes on and on in SKE, and most of them are young too...
Wouldn't be surpised if Kanon is next at this point.

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i just hope SKE48 wouldn't end up just like the SDN48.This is just way too much to handle.

Can't help it

I thought meimei want to join SSK?
I guess they want to do mass grad again like kuumin, mizuki etc

I don't mind a lot of member grad at the same time tho
So that i can be sad only once in a while, not every single month

Another One?!

At this point, I'm starting to get REALLY worried with all these graduation announcements of SKE. It was only yesterday when Azumarion's announcement and it's not going to stop there?! SKE is starting to become weak compared to other sister groups :,(



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