avex Export Ban on BD/CD/DVD


avex restricts exports of their products to overseas counties, the restriction is applied to all their physical media items (Blue-ray Disc, DVD, and CD) , the online retailers will no longer to export those items. The shipments will be unavailable for shipment outside of Japan on 15 February 2017 (18:00 JST). AKB48's sister group SKE48 is signed under avex trax.

CDJapan said the restriction applies only to items published by avex Pictures. It does not apply to any music CD or anything else from any avex trax's artist (e.g. SKE48). 

Note: The restriction does not apply to Calendar, Magazine, and Photobook.


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It appears only items under the Avex Picture label are restricted or at least thats the way it looks on CDJapan when I look at items listed under Avex Marketing.

only Avex Pictures / SKE48 not affected at this time

The email from CD Japan only mentions Avex Picture products. On CD Japan right now, SKE48 / X21 / Kishidan can all be ordered with out a warning message on their products. Amazon.co.jp overreacted and tagged all Avex products with the ban.

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Why are they restricting sales? I understand that Japan is strict with its copyrights but this is preventing legal purchases, what company says "we want to sell less?"



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