Oshima Yuko watched Kojima Haruna's Koukando Bakuage LIVE


Former AKB48 member Oshima Yuko visited AKB48 Theater and watched Kojima Haruna's Koukando Bakuage LIVE on 13 February 2017. Moreover she also went to dressing room after the LIVE, and praises Kojima Haruna is the most kawaii idol of the world  on her instagram. 


Original sources:
Oshima Yuko's Instagram

Oshima_Yuko  Kojima_Haruna 


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Holy crap do I miss Yuko. I still can't believe only four will be left of the original A, K, and B.

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Kojiyuu ftw ^^

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Yuko can't wait for Kojiharu to graduate, so she can get her hands on her, LOL.

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You know, Takamina also loves Kojiharu

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Poor Yuko she aint going to get it no matter how hard she tries.

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