Akimoto Manatsu first Photobook News Update


Nogizaka46 member Akimoto Manatsu will release her first solo photo book "Manatsu no Kiatsu Haichi" on 28 February 2017, and the photo book cover artwork has been revealed on official Twitter at 10 February 2017.


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Pre-order on CDJapan:

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i prefer fist photo... much better to her character

Cover is OK

Though I love her swimsuit photo in beach, let me recall her cat cosplay in TV show, I find this cover is perfect. If you are her fans, the cover fits Manatsu's character too:
1. Head's size
2. Shoulder
by the way, the cover feels sexy to me.

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ok kkk
but i refer about cdjapan promotion image, with white dress, wonderful smile and beach back

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nogi 2017 my money is critical!!!... maiyan, nanamin, manatsu, reika, asuka... maybe next minami and misa o.O

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Akimoto is like Miichan in that her eyes really stand out from the crowd. She is quirky but cute.

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