Futamura Haruka to participate KUNOICHI


SKE48 member Futamura Haruka will participate TBS sports entertainment show "KUNOICHI" which is known as female version of "SASUKE ~Ninja Warrior". The show will be aired on 12 February 2017 (6:30 JST).

Original sources: TBS

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Does she have the required skills or just in as a comedic relief?

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^she's good with sport..
she participated in sasuke too last year
but i guess she's too nervous to the point she failed super fast
hoping at least she won't fail fast this time

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^The practice she got wasn't adequate. From what I saw of her training in zero position, she mostly worked on muscle training (which no doubt helps), but that first section was more skill than anything. If she did have something set up for her to practice for it, the space between jumps was probably smaller than the real one.

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