Fujie Reina, Jonishi Kei and Yabushita Shu to hold Graduation Concert in April


NMB48 member Fujie Reina, Jonishi Kei and Yabushita Shu will hold their graduation concerts in ORIX THEATER, Osaka in April 2017. Moveover, Fujie Reina will have an extra graduation concert in Ichikawa City Cultural Hall, Chiba on 14 April 2017.

10/04/2017 - Jonishi Kei's Graduation Concert (ORIX THEATER)
11/04/2017 - Yabushita Shu's Graduation Concert (ORIX THEATER)
14/04/2017 - Fujie Reina's Graduation Concert ( Ichikawa City Cultural Hall)
17/04/2017 - Fujie Reina's Graduation Concert (ORIX THEATER)

Note: Chiba Prefecture is Fujie Reina's hometown.

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can we please have another single centered by them? cause there's still some time. please management.

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