Takahashi Minami NEW CM "Message" for Ladyworker


Former AKB48 member Takahashi Minami has CM for Japanese shoe manufacturer asics's product "Ladyworker", the video has been uploaded on official Youtube on 2 February 2017.


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Anyone know how her career is going? Objectivly please. I only see her on shows and cm.

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It looks like its doing well. I get most of my info from here and stage48. Her thread is updated regularly. Two regular radio programs, four regular mc tv shows, some cms and lots of one time jobs, and something about meetings with the governor about the Tokyo. She's also appearing in a music festival in March.


I watched her MC on DAM Channel and she's really funny. Glad to see her trying lots of things.

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I'm happy to she her doing well she is so special.

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