Matsui Rena to be Leading actress of movie Waraumanekineko


Former SKE48 member Matsui Rena will be one of leading actress of movie "Waraumanekineko", she will play a boke manzaishi (stand-up comedian) of comedy duo "Akako & Hitomi" in the movie.


Matsui Rena (Akako) and Shimizu Fumika (Hitomi) will play Japanese female comedy (Manzai) duo "Akako & Hitomi" in the movie. The movie will be released on 29 April 2017, and it will have a prequel on TV (TBS/MBS) in March 2017.

The movie was adapted from same name novel written by Yukihisa Yamamoto.

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As I said, Matsui Rena is blessedly busy with work. I'm so happy for her :)

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