HKT48 to be Cover Girls of Shonen Magazine


HKT48 members will be cover girls of manga magazine "Shonen Magazine" (2017 no. 9), the magazine will be released on 1 February 2017.




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Yuriya >>>> Hana.
I would be glad if management start to realize this.

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I think I know who this, is there a point to say something like this? Instead of seeing this as another member that can carry the HKT torch, you turn it into a pissing contest. Please stop, you are do more harm than good.

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Hana is nor thay kind of member. She can't sing at all, she is not particularly cute or fun and even with all this ultrapush her fanbase is stale.
The only attitude that harms is the "do not say anything that is not a hug and a kiss"
HKT needs and deserves better.

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Hmmm let me quote someone on the twitter verse "that steps into a weird hyperbole place and I no longer want to engage in this conversation."

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This Hana push just because of Goto

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She is only being pushed because that old man wants some and because she is no real threat for Sashihara's queen bee complex.

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