Halloween Night (Special ver.)


SKE48 member Yuasa Hiroshi shares a special edition of AKB48 41st single "Halloween Night" video on his official Twitter at 31 October 2015. This version is performed by SKE48 research students.

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Music Game x IWA PR video

To celebrate Uchida Mayumi's graduation,AKB48 group Music Game and Yakiniku Iwa Restaurant has a joint promotion, there will be Yakiniku Iwa ver costume in the game from 27 October 2015 to 3 November 2015.

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Game  Uchida_Mayumi 

Takeuchi Miyu covers Inochi No Riyuu

AKB48 member Takeuchi Miyu (竹内美宥) covers Sada Masashi's song "Inochi No Riyuu" (Japanese: いのちの理由, translation: The reason to be), and uploaded on her official Youtube channel at 16 October 2015.

Inochi No Riyuu (Takeuchi Miyu version)

Inochi No Riyuu (Sada Masashi's original version)

Video  Takeuchi_Miyu 

Takeuchi Miyu stays overseas for study


AKB48 member Takeuchi Miyu (竹内美宥) announces on her twitter at 16 October 2015 that she is staying overseas a month for short-term study.

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Shimazaki Haruka being Cover Girl of Mgirl


AKB48 member Shimazaki Haruka will be cover girl of Ninagawa Mika's magazine Mgirl (2015-2016AW), this issue feature her photo collection, the magazine will be released at 14 October 2015.

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Shimazaki_Haruka  Ninagawa_Mika  Magazine 

REGINA × NGT48 NEW promotional video


NGT48 has been appointed to be the spokesperson of REGINA SWEETS & BAKERY. The promotional video has been uploaded on REGINA LXC official Youtube channel at 9 October 2015.

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Ikuta Erika to be host for NHK National School Music Competition


Nogizaka46 member Ikuta Erika (生田絵梨花) will be host for the 82nd NHK National School Music Concours (short for NCON) (Primary and Secondary school division).

The national music competition will be live broadcast from NHK Educational TV and NHK Hall from 10-12 October 2015, and aired on NHK-FM at 3 November 2015.

Original sources: NHK official web site

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Jonishi Kei 1st Photobook first week sold 5,543 copies


NMB48 member Jonishi Kei (上西恵) first solo gravure "Shogai Jonishi Sengen" (生涯上西宣言) sold 5,543 copies in its first week, and ranked 3rd place on ORICON weekly chart.

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Jonishi_Kei  Matsuoka_Natsumi  Photobook