AKB48 official TREASURE CARD introduction video


After 2 and half years, AKB48 new set of trading cards "AKB48 official TREASURE CARD" (AKB48 オフィシャルトレジャーカード) has been released at 27 March 2015. Total: 332 kinds.

The new AKB48 official TREASURE CARD will use new photo, and those members who did not selected in trading card will have "self-portrait card" and "selfie card", and "AR card" which record members' video and voice message.

Pre-order AKB48 official TREASURE CARD at CD Japan:


AKB48 official Treasure card [with TSUTAYA bonus] /

AKB48 official Treasure card [with AKB48 group shop bonus] /

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Nogizaka46 11th Single First Day Sold 421k Copies


Nogizaka46 11th single "Inochi wa utsukushii" (命は美しい) first day sold 421,887 copies, and rank no. 1 at Oricon single daily chart, this is their best sale record so far.

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CD  Inochi_wa_Utsukushii  Nishino_Nanase 

Akimoto Manatsu to be Cover Girl of Gravure The Television


Nogizaka46 member Akimoto Manatsu will be cover girl of Gravure The Television (Vol. 38), and another member Eto Misa will be cover girl of cover side-b. The magazine will be released on 19 March 2015.

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Akimoto_Manatsu  Eto_Misa  Magazine 

Wiz's Dress Rehearsal Video


The musical "The Wiz -The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-" Dress Rehearsal Video has been revealed in Astage official Youtube channel. Umeda Ayaka and Tano Yuka who are double-casting Dorothy of the musical.

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Umeda_Ayaka  Tano_Yuka   

Matsui Jurina: I will lead 48 group from NOW on

SKE48 member Matsui Jurina (松井珠理奈) held her 18th birthday LIVE ceremony at 8 March 2015, and at the event she announced she will lead 48 group.

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