Kojima Mako to be Cover Girl of Manga Action


AKB48 member Kojima Mako (小嶋真子) will be cover girl of manga magazine "Manga Action" (17 March 2015 issue), this issue will have Kojima Mako's photo collection and come with her extra large swimwear poster, the magazine will be released at 3 March 2015.

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AKB Shirabe Hard-core Wota 7 members are announced

TV show "AKB Shirabe" (AKB调べ) episode 17 has revealed 7 earnest otaku members of AKB48 group, the episode was aired at 25 February 2015. 

7th place is NMB48 member Ijiri Anna (井尻晏菜)

Ijiri Anna is 2-dimensional otaku, she has around 1,500 volumes of comics at home

6th place is AKB48 member Iwata Karen (岩田華怜)

Iwata Karen is otaku of "Attack on Titan"

3rd place is SKE48 member Tsuzuki Rika (都築里佳)

Tsuzuki Rika is anime otaku

4th place is AKB48 member Tanabe Miku (田名部生来)

Tanabe Miku is cosplay otaku

3rd place is SKE48 member Furukawa Airi (古川愛李)

Furukawa Airi is car park otaku

2nd place is HKT48 member Yabuki Nako (矢吹奈子)

Yabuki Nako is keeping a towel with Sashihara Rino's sweet for 3 years

1st place is NMB48 member Mita Mao (三田麻央)

Mita Maois BL Otaku

AKB Hard-core Wota 7

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Kiritani Mirei said she oshi Mukaichi Mion

Japanese Model and Actress Kiritani Mirei (桐谷美玲) states her oshi AKB48 member is Team 4 member Mukaichi Mion and think she is very cute.

non-no video

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The Wiz's songs revealed in Press Conference


NMB48 Team BII vice captain Umeda Ayaka and AKB48 Team K member Tano Yuka presented at "The Wiz -The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-" press conference and performed their solo version of the song "Kaeruno! ieni" .

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HKT48 and Nogizaka46 held a "East vs West" idol battle with each other on LOTTE GUM event "GUM ROCK FES. In Nippon Budokan" at 25 January 2016. LOTTE GUM has upload the video (HKT48) on Youtube at 5 February 2015.

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All NMB48 Research Students got Promoted to Offical Members


All 12 NMB48 research students got promoted to official NMB48 Team members, it was announced during NMB48 Arena Tour Osaka Jo Hall Concert on 4 February 2015.

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