SKE48 21st single first week sold 273k copies


SKE48's 21st single "Igai ni Mango" has been released on 19 July 2017, it sold approximately 273,000 copies at first week, and ranked 1st place on ORICON Single Weekly Chart. 

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SKE48 Cafe New Grand Menu Available!


SKE48 Cafe begins to serve their 9th Grand Menu today, let's enjoy the new set menu which is composed of all the favorite dishes of SKE48 members.

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Matsui Jurina to appear in Tabizukinchan


SKE48 member Matsui Jurina will appear in CBC TV travel show "Tabizukinchan", the episodes will be aired on 23 July 2017 (23:30~24:00 JST) and 20 August 2017 (23:30~24:00).

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Obata Yuna to be Cover Girl of YOUNG GANGAN


SKE48 21st single "Igai ni Mango" CENTER Obata Yuna will be cover girl of manga magazine "YOUNG GANGAN" (2017 No. 16), the magazine will be released on 4 August 2017.

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"Igai ni Mango" MV (Full ver.)

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Igai ni Mango PV (Danc​e ver.)


SKE48 21st single first day sold 241k copies


SKE48's 21st single "Igai ni Mango" has been released on 19 July 2017, it sold 241,464 copies at first day, and ranked 1st place on ORICON Single Daily Chart. The sales is up 18% compared with last single.

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Oya Masana's Graduation Song PV


SKE48 Team S member Oya Masana's graduation song "Eien no Legacy" MV (special edit ver.) has been revealed on Youtube at 17 July 2017, it is included in SKE48 21st Single Type-D.

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SKE48 being Okinawa Mango Ambassador


SKE48 is appointed to be Okinawa Prefecture's  Mango Ambassador, and their 21st single "Igai ni Mango" CENTER Obata Yuna represented SKE48 to participate the inauguration ceremony on 14 July 2017.

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SKE48 to perform 21st Single in MUSIC STATION


SKE48 will perform their 21st single "Igai ni Mango" in TV Asahi music show "MUSIC STATION" on 21 July 2017 (20:00 JST).

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Oba Mina being 1-day Mango Mayor


SKE48 member Oba Mina is appointed to be 1-day Mango Mayor for Nichinan City, Miyazaki. The inauguration ceremony was held in Nango Rest Area on 13 July 2017.

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Suda Akari to appear in DownTown DX


SKE48 member Suda Akari will make guest appearance in YTV variety show "DownTown DX", the episode will be aired on 13 July 2017 (21:00 JST).

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SKE48 to hold Mihama Kaiyuusai 2017 Live


SKE48 will hold a special live show for Mihama Kaiyuusai 2017 on 24 August 2017.

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SKE48 21st Type-C c/w Song PV


SKE48 21st Single Type-C c/w song "Oretoku" promotional video has been revealed on Youtube at 9 July 2017.

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