Tokyo Monorail x HKT48 New Web Movie

Tokyo Monorail x HKT48 new web movie has been revealed on HKT48 official Youtube channel at 2 March 2017. The video features members Tanaka Natsumi, Yamashita Emiri and Matsuoka Hana.

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Tanaka_Natsumi  Yamashita_Emiri  Matsuoka_Hana 

LOTTE Gum CM Battle - Fans' CM (Tanaka Natsumi & Akiyoshi Yuka)


LOTTE Gum's Tsubuyaki CM Grand Prix official web site has revealed new HKT48 CM on 2 November 2016, the CM's idea are submitted by fans, the CM feature HKT48 members Tanaka Natsumi and Akiyoshi Yuka.

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Video  Tanaka_Natsumi  Akiyoshi_Yuka