Murayama Yuiri breaks Takahashi Minami's LIVE record


AKB48 Theater will be closed from 29 to 30 December 2016, and total LIVE in 2016 will be 328 LIVEs in total, and member Murayama Yuiri's 2016 LIVE Performance attendance rate will reach 60.37% (198/328) in the end of year, it breaks the highest record 59.15% which former member Takahashi Minami keeps since 2006.

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Murayama_Yuiri  Takahashi_Minami 

Murayama Yuiri substitute for Kojima Mako in FChan TV


AKB48 member Murayama Yuiri substitutes for Kojima Mako in Football Channel program "FChan TV" episode 25, the episode has been delivered on Youtube at 13 October 2016.

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Murayama_Yuiri  Kojima_Mako