Moriyasu Madoka Starts Instagram


HKT48 member Moriyasu Madoka has opened her official Instagram account on her 20th birthday (26 July 2017), address:

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HKT48 to be Cover Girls of BIG ONE GIRLS


HKT48 members Moriyasu Madoka, Matsuoka Hana and Kodama Haruka will be the cover girls of Japanese magazine "BIG ONE GIRLS" (2017 September), the magazine will be released on 31 July 2017.

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HKT48 x YUUKOUSEN Project NEW Video (Moriyasu Madoka)

HKT48 has a collaborative campaign with Japanese health and beauty brand YUUKOUSEN, HKT48 members talked about their thought about 3 months treatment.

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HKT48 X Mix Channel Hold An Audtion For Moriyasu Madoka 1st Piano Album


It was announced in HKT48 member Moriyasu Madoka's Google+, HKT48 and Mix Channel will have a collaborative project: DIVA Audition for Moriyasu Madoka's Piano Album production.

The audition is seeking a vocalist for the song "Sukitte kotowa..." in her first solo piano album, the application period will be from 17 to 24 October 2016. The Prize is CD debut which produced by Akimoto Yasushi, and the song will be included in the solo album. HKT48 member Sashihara Rino will be a special judge of the audition.

Moriyasu Madoka's Google+
mix channel

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