Photo Flash: Inside Rehearsal for FILL-IN ~Musume no Band ni Oya ga Deru


The stage play FILL-IN Musume no Band ni Oya ga Deru will run in Kinokuniya Hall from 13 to 23 July. There is a sneak peek at the production team in rehearsal below!

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Matsumura Sayuri, Shiraishi Mai & Ikuta Erika NOT participate 17th single Individual Handshake Event


Nogizaka46 members Ikuta Erika, Shiraishi Mai and Matsumura Sayuri will not participate their 17th single (TBA)'s Individual Handshake Event, Nogizaka46's official site explains it conflicts their schedule.

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Nogizaka46 x Aimer on The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God Restaurant-style Exhibition TV CM


The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God Restaurant-style Exhibition new TV CM uses Matsumura Sayuri and Wakatsuki Yumi's voice for narration, plus Japanese singer Aimer's new song as background music. The video has been uploaded on Youtube at 5 January 2017.

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Nogizaka46 New Web CM Video for Meiji

Japanese enterprise "Meiji" has uploaded a new web CM and related making-of video on Youtube, the videos feature Nogizaka46 members Matsumura Sayuri and Eto Misa.

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B.L.T. (2017 Feb) Making-of Video

Tokyo News Service official Youtube channel has uploaded their magazine "B.L.T." (2017 February issue) making-of video (Part 1) which features Nogizaka46 members Hashimoto Nanami, Matsumura Sayuri and Shiraishi Mai.

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