Nogizaka46 New Web CM Video for Meiji


Japanese enterprise "Meiji" has uploaded their new web CM and related making-of video on Youtube, the videos feature Nogizaka46 member Ito Marika.

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"Another Ghost" MV Preview


Nogizaka46 17th single Type B coupling song "Another Ghost" promotional video has been revealed on 8 March 2017. The single will be released on 22 March 2017.

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Ito Marika to appear in movie Kizudarake no Akuma


Nogizaka46 member Ito Marika will appear in movie Kizudarake no Akuma, she will play a movie's original character who is friend of leading actress. The movie will be released on 4 February 2017.

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GRAVITY DAZE 2 PV making-of Video


"GRAVITY DAZE 2"  PV's making-of video has been uploaded Youtube on 18 January 2017. Nogizaka46 member Ito Marika appears in the PV.

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Ito Marika on GRAVITY DAZE 2 Promotion Video


Nogizaka46 member Ito Marika appears in Playstation 4's software "GRAVITY DAZE 2" Promotion Video, the video has been uploaded on Youtube at 11 January 2017.

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Bessatsu Kadokawa first week sold 32,951 copies


Japanese magazine "Bessatsu Kadokawa" (Soryoku Tokushu Nogizaka46 vol. 3) first week sold 32,951 copies, and ranks 2nd place on ORICON General Book Weekly Chart.

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Ito Marika NEW movie headed into theater in October


Japanese movie "Anniversary", which consisting of 5 short films each by a different director, will be released in cinema on 22 October 2016. Nogizaka46 member Ito Marika (伊藤万理華) is the leading actress in one of the short film "Kinenbi ga yukue fumei" (記念日が行方不明).

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Nogizaka46 Coming-Of-Age Ceremony 2016


3 Nogizaka46 members Ito Marika (伊藤万理華), Ikoma Rina (生駒里奈 ) and Kawamura Mahiro (川村真洋) presented their coming-of-age ceremony (seijin shiki) on 8 January 2016 at Nogi Shrine in Tokyo.

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Ito Marika to star Horror Movie "EYES"


Nogizaka46 member Ito Marika will be leading actress of the movie "EYES", it is her first time starring a movie, the movie will be released on 6 June 2015.

EYES Movie Trailer

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