Nogizaka46 in SONY PROJECT REVIEWN Video


SONY official Youtube channel has uploaded a video to introduce their mobile app "PROJECT REVIEWN", it features Nogizaka46 members Sakurai Reika and Hoshino Minami and includes a LIVE video clip of their handshake event.

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Sakurai_Reika  Hoshino_Minami  Video 

Saito Asuka & Hoshino Minami to be W-Leading Actress of TV Asahi Drama


Nogizaka46 members Saito Asuka and Hoshino Minami will be leading actresses of TV Asahi Drama "Shoujo no Miru Yume" (少女のみる夢). "Shoujo no Miru Yume" is the winner of "The 15th 21st century New Script Writer Awards" which held by TV Asahi. Its TV drama will air on 3 July 2016.

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TV  Saito_Asuka  Hoshino_Minami