Higuchi Hina voice-cast for The Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor


Nogizaka46 member Higuchi Hina will voice-cast a robot character "Yamamoto" in new anime " The Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor". The anime will be aired in Mid July 2017.

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Photo of the Day (23 February 2017)


Each day AKB48 Daily picks a photo for you, along with a brief explanation.

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Kawaei Rina to appear in movie Ajin


Former AKB48 member Kawaei Rina (川栄李奈) will appear in live action anime movie "Ajin: Demi-Human" (亜人), she will play the character "Shimomura Izumi" (下村泉) in the movie. The movie will be released on 30 September 2017.

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Noujo Ami to appear in Cardfight!! Vanguard NEW stage play


Nogizaka46 member Noujo Ami will appear in new Cardfight!! Vanguard stage play "CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD: LINK JOKER", she will cast the character "Tokura Misaki" in the stage play, the stage play is scheduled to be performed from 1 to 9 April 2017.

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Furukawa Toshio Supports Ikoma Rina


Japanese famous voice actor Toshio Furukawa posts a Tweet which express his grateful to Nogizaka46 member Ikoma Rina, he mentioned he is able to feel Ikoma Rina's love to Portgas D. Ace (One Piece character).

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Akimoto Yasushi new 2D x 3D group: 22/7


AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi new 2D/3D project's offical name has been announced: 22/7. It is SONY Music Japan x Aniplex's Crosses Dimensions Digital Idol Project.

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Movie -Saki- Trailer

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All Digital Idol's character design revealed


SONY Music Japan x Aniplex's Digital Idol Project, produced by Akimoto Yasushi, has revealed 4 more of character designs in the official web site on 29 October 2016. 

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Akimoto_Yasushi  Anime 

Nagao Mariya to appear in Live-Action -Saki-


Former AKB48 member Nagao Mariya will appear in live-action "-Saki-", she will play the character "Ryumonbuchi Touka", the live-action mahjong TV drama will be aired on TBS/MBS in December 2016. Movie adaption will be released in February 2017.

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Stage LODOSS reveals visual with Cast in Costume


Stage LODOSS The Grey Witch, the stage play adpation of Japanese ACG classic "Record of Lodoss War", has revealed its main characters Deedlit and Parn's visual in costume on 26 October 2016, HKT48 member Ota Aika will play fictional character Deedlit in the stage play. 

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Ota_Aika  Anime 

Digital Idol's character design revealed


SONY Music Japan x Aniplex's Digital Idol Project, produced by Akimoto Yasushi, has revealed 4 of character designs in the official web site.

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Cure Miracle and Mofurun's Lesson of Magic! ED


Precure upcoming CG Anime "Cure Miracle and Mofurun's Lesson of Magic!" ending dance video has been uploaded on Toei official Youtube Channel on 21 October 2016. The theme song "Tadashii Mahou no Tsukai Kata" is performed by AKB48 member Watanabe Mayu.

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Nakanishi Yuka cast in Jigoku Shoujo Stage Play


Anime "Jigoku Shoujo" will get stage play adaptation,  and Former SKE48 member Nakanishi Yuka will cast in the stage play, it will be on CBGK Shibugeki! theater from 9 to 13 November 2016.

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Nakanishi_Yuka  Anime 

Akimoto Yasushi to be 2D+3D Idol Producer


AKB48 group and 46 series Producer Akimoto Yasushi will become Producer of 2 dimensional (Anime) + 3 dimensional (Voice caster) Idol Group (TBA). It is an Anime x Music  Project by SONY Music Japan and Aniplex.

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