Ikoma Rina Apologizes to Anime Fans


Nogizaka46 member Ikoma Rina apologized to anime fans for her inappropriate behaviour in TV show, she posted her dogeza photo to express her sincere apology in her official blog on 9 January 2017.

Ikoma Rina appeared in TV Asahi show "200 Popular Voice Casters General Election 3-hours SP" on 9 January 2017, however some anime fans criticized her behaviour in the show on Internet, therefore Ikoma Rina apologized to fans on her blog on the same day. 


Ikoma Rina's official blog

Ikoma_Rina  Anime 


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She shouldn't have to apologize to a bunch of dirty scumbag nerds.

What behavior?

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what did she do paul?

"bunch of dirty scumbag nerds" irony of idol fans saying this when idol fans are stereotype the same or worst lol

TBH, I don't wanna reply

It is a kinda sensitive issue...

According to anime fans' comments:

They think Ikoma Rina should know Mr. Furukawa Toshio is voice actor of Portgas D. Ace (One Piece character)
They think Ikoma Rina was impolite to some voice casters
They think Ikoma Rina was too noisy in the show.

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It's expected. 2D wotas detest 3D idols and their fans lmao

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What a weeb.

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