Keyakizaka46 1st Album first day sold 184k


Keyakizaka46 1st album "Masshirona Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru" has been released on 19 July 2017, it sold 184,947 copies at first day, and ranked 1st place on ORICON Album Daily Chart.


Original sources: ORICON NEWS

1st Album TV CM 2017.7.19 ON SALE by akb48daily

For reference:

Nogizaka46 3rd Album first day sold 263,087 copies (2017.05.24)
SKE48 2nd Album first day sold 36,231 copies (2017.02.22)
AKB48 7th Album first day sold 565,298 copies (2015.11.18)  
NMB48 2nd Album first day sold 228,151 copies (2014.08.23)

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80K lower than Nogi's 3rd album first day. Nice.

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Were you actually comparing Keyaki's 1st album with Nogi's 3rd album? Lol I'm triggered
Nogi 3rd album has 4 types vs Keyaki 3 types.
Nogi 435 hs slots vs Keyaki 339.
Nogi 6th year vs Keyaki 2nd year.

I suggest if you want neutral comparison, compare their first album sales. Stop being annoying and don't ruin my love for sakamichi.

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so your idea of a "neutral comparison" is comparing Nogizaka's building up Sakamichi from the beginning to Keyakizaka's debuting as "Nogizaka's sister group" during what most consider to have been Nogi's breakout year (2016)?

i suggest you stop being triggered and stop worrying so much about comparing their sales to begin with.

that'll go a lot farther to protecting your "love for sakamichi"

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I can't decide on type A or B, so I guess i have no choice but to get both.

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Techi's little narration at the end is so awesome!

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