TPE48 begins Recruiting in September


AKB48's Taiwanese sister group TPE48 (short for Taipei48) will start recruiting members in 1 September 2017. The news was announced in Fans Meeting on 9 July 2017.


AKB48 had announced they were going to build a overseas idol group "TPE48" in Taiwan in 2011, however the project was suspended. In 2016 AKS announced they will setup 3 new overseas sister group TPE48, MNL48 and BNK48.

Note: Taiwan Research Student Ma Chia-Ling passed AKB48 Taiwan Audition in 2015.



A second tzuyu would be nice lol

Aki-P slowly taking over the world!

Im curious, what will happen to Ma Chia Lings's friends? I meant the ones who passed the audition with her

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