Oshima Yuko apologizes for her Video


Former AKB48 Oshima Yuko apologizes on her official Twitter on 19 June 2017, she uploaded an Instagram video which she criticized an engagement announcement on 17 June 2017.

Oshima Yuko apologized for her Instagram's inappropriate comment which made people incomfortable, and she said she re-examinates herself.

Oshima Yuko used a four-letter to express her feeling about an engagement announcement, which is very likely against NMB48 member Sutou Ririka  who made an engagement announcement during AKB48 9th General Election.

On the other hand, Ariyoshi Hiroiki talked about AKB48 General Election on his radio show “Ariyoshi Hiroiki no SUNDAY NIGHT DREAMER" on 18 June 2017, he criticized people using "F**K" is very rude.

Original sources: Oshima Yuko's Tweet

Note: Oshima Yuko and Ariyoshi Hiroiki are artists under same agencey "Ohta Production".



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Anyway. Oshima Yuko shouldn't have to back down from her comments. She was a major founder of the group, she built the whole thing up into a national phenomena with the sacrifice of her teenage years and her blood, sweat and tears.
By all means, she has every right to express bitterness on people being accepted into it who not only don't even try to live up to her legacy, but seem determined to tear it all down.

All considered, her choice of word is quite appropriate.

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ariyoshi complaining about someone being rude? is this satire?

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nae pi ttam nunmul...sorry, just had to say that...my god what have i become!!

Criticism are one thing but being that rude wasn't necessary.
The choice of words is something important in the entertainment world.
She should know this better than anyone else.

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