The 9th AKB48 General Election Statistics


The 9th AKB48 General Election is done, following are the statistics you may be interested, total votes: 3,382,368 votes (126,968 votes up). Sashihara Rino, as 1st place, got 246,376 votes (3,355 votes up), however AKB48 still remains the largest party with 25 members (5 members from Team 8) in Top 80.

SKE48 is second largest party with 19 members in Top 80, HKT48 is the 3rd with 16 members in TOP 80, NMB48 and NGT48 each gets 10 members in Top 80. STU48 and BNK48 have no members ranked in Top 80. JKT48 members did not submit their candidacy.

Note: Sashihara Rino and Okada Nana are STU48 concurrent members.

Idol/Youtuber Yoshida Akari gets the set of single selection, it is her first time get into top 16 in 7 years, while she got 77th place in last General Election, it is very likely because she gets lot of fans from her Youtube channel which opened in February 2016.

This year's General Election remained in the candidacy system, 322 members participated the General Election, and 47 members decide not participating, compared to last year, more members (272/43) joined the General Election.

The 9th AKB48 General Election is the first time without on-site fans as audience, the management cancelled most event and concerts due to bad weather, and it is first time having a member (Sutou Rirka) made an engagement announcement during speech.

Kashiwagi Yuki's General Election SHOWROOM SP got 450,000 audience, Yamamoto Sayaka's SHOWROOM LIVE got 150,000 audience.


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Oricon mentions that 3 382 368 votes were submited.
I suppose you counted only the top 80 total of votes.

Thank you

Yes, I overlook the votes other than TOP 80 members.
Thank you very much, I have revised the content.

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