Yamaguchi Yuki announces Graduation


NMB48 member Yamaguchi Yuki announced her graduation during LIVE performance on 14 March 2017.




I saw it coming like 2 years ago and expected this at any moment, I was surprised that she hadn't graduated before I discovered her (in 2015). Nevertheless, I'm disappointed. Koga Narumi's the only one left from the Kono Sekai ga Yuki no Naka ni Umoreru Mae ni unit.

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Dang :( She's one of their top 3 dancers and is probably one of the nicest girls in the group. I'm surprised she didn't graduate either simply based on the fact that you couldn't get by on an underexposed member's salary for so long. I guess that attests to her love of the group :( I hope she goes onto bigger things

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Woot? Who has now the biggest oppai in 48G?!

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