AKB48 48th Single MV (Full ver.)

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KojiMatsuri Festival DVD & Blu-ray Digest Video

Tofu Pro Wrestling ep11 trailer

Shiraishi Mai to appear in movie "Asahinagu"


Nogizaka46 member Shiraishi Mai will appear in live action movie "Asahinagu", she will cast the character "Miyaji Maharu" who is a senior member of Naginata (Japanese halberd) department.

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Nishino_Nanase  Shiraishi_Mai  Movie 

AKB48 appoints New Manager


AKB48 management appoints a new manager Mr. Hosoi Takahiro (45) for AKB48 Theater, he will replace current AKB48 group general manager Kayano Shinobu, and the post's duty is just for AKB48 only, not for AKB48 group.

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Kodama Haruka appears in HKT48 Kanto Tour


HKT48 member Kodama Haruka made appearance in HKT48 Kanto Tour's last day concert, the concert was held in NHK Hall on 14 April 2017.

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